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Vernee' Stoddart is a recognized passionate leader, mentor and teacher of women,
teen and preteen girls. She is the founder of WINGS Belleza, Inc., a nonprofit
501(c)3 mentoring organization for girls. Her message of true inner beauty, self-
worth, vision and personal power comes from her own life lessons as a way to give
young women opportunities and guidance she wished she had as a teenager. Her
program engages girls through five pillars (WINGS): Worth, Inner Beauty,
Nurture, Grace and Self Care. She has made an impact on hundreds and is
committed to continually helping to build a strong community of positive and
intelligent young girls. WINGS Belleza has hosted eight annual BE U Girls
Conferences in Washington, DC, Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina. 

Vernee’ is the youngest of five siblings, a native of Philadelphia, PA and a current
resident of South Orange NJ. She is a recipient of the Oakwood University
Certificate of Merit Award for Community Service. Vernee’ has authored articles
in regional newsletters and international denominational magazines, and is
presently completing her latest project, “The Designer’s Touch, a Guide for the
Personal Development for Girls”. Vernee’ Stoddart earned an MBA degree in
Marketing from Johns Hopkins University, and a BS degree in Communicative
Disorders from Andrews University.

Her favorite words of Wisdom are, “Above everything else, guard the affections of
your heart; the emotional attachments you make determine the direction of your
life.” --Proverbs 4:23,24

Meet our Founder

WINGS Belleza is a 501(c)3 nonprofit mentoring organization for girls that delivers empowerment programs to help girls to build self-esteem by focusing on social skills, life choices, self-confidence, leadership, etiquette, and spiritual growth.  Information is presented through workshops, and conferences, designed to promote emotional, mental and social well-being all focused on creating resilient female leaders for the future.  WINGS Belleza provides a safe forum for girls to explore their place in the world, gain skills to choose positive relationships, share experiences, and know for themselves the important role God plays in their lives.

We believe all girls can embrace who they are, define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

WINGS Belleza, Inc. is dedicated to building a more confident, courteous, empowered and resilient generation of inspiring young women and future leaders thereby increasing their life chances for success.

Friends at Camp

Our Vision

To train girls to live by the BE U Girl (beautiful, extraordinary and unique) principles of self-confidence, proper etiquette, courage to excel, power to survive, and to dream and grow.

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